About Me

My name is Kostas Tsembelis and I have a background in Sciences. I have always been fascinated by nature's stunning beauty. Since I moved to Ottawa I got more involved with photography. I undertook several part-time courses at the School of the Photographic Arts. In the meantime, my interest for web development has gone unabated as I have been building sites since 1998.

As I was talking to several small business owners, such as restaurants and patisseries, I realized that they need to promote and advertize their dedicated products on the web, without paying a small fortune. As most owners have neither the time, nor the knowledge to develop their web presence, I started fusing product photography with site development. These days, I assist small businesses to do just that: exhibit their great looking creations to the world.

My photographic gear consists of 3 cameras and 10 lenses, with several primes and fast zooms, including Speedlight, LED and reflectors/diffusers. I am also in the process of developing my first home studio for portraiture and still life.