Halton-Peel Humanist Community


The Site for the Secular Humanists of the Halton-Peel Region.

A nonprofit community site is always challenging but rewarding to develop as it needs to be capable of presenting different content, such as news, blogs, donation forms, and useful information. Choosing a CMS was imperative and Drupal 7 was the strongest candidate due to its powerful ability of data-driven backend. H-PHC needed a clean and modern look to reflect its ideology, thus we chose a template design based on Twitter's Bootstrap. Additionally, pages that contain useful information such as books, videos and movies related to Secularism and Humanism were developed using the VIEWS module of Drupal.

This is what J. Jackson, past President had to say:

You have enormous talent when it comes to projects that both pique your interests and utilize your skills. Once you are engaged in something, your knowledge, intelligence and analytic skills virtually ensure success. But that's not all. You can be dedicated and committed to your projects, and that is also a commendable characteristic. Your continued support and dedication to the H-PHC website and its continuation has made a huge impact on those of us who wish to see a secular world evolve. Your efforts have contributed to the development of a community.